Recent years have seen growing interest on language computing in Pakistan. There are now multiple organizational and individual efforts, which are still largely disconnected. A coordinated effort is needed to bring them together on a research platform to share ideas and disseminate information. SNLP will be a research platform of organizations and individuals (academics, professionals, students, and others) for this purpose, with the following objectives, in the context of Pakistan:

  1. Develop and advance the field of computational linguistics, with application to Pakistani languages
  2. Share and disseminate relevant research and development
  3. Create awareness of importance and need of computational linguistics in relevant organizations, e.g. Higher Education Commission (HEC), relevant ministries, universities and research institutes.
  4. Represent and liase the community of computational linguistics

To achieve its objectives, SNLP will undertake at least the following activities:

  • Hold regular workshops and conferences
  • Bring relevant researchers together through e-forum
  • Help in curriculum and program development, in conjunction with relevant national organizations
  • Disseminate information on NLP, R&D and other news through a periodic newsletter
  • Collect and publish active and mature research through a national journal
  • Establish Linguistic Resource Center
  • Create international liaison with relevant organizations